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NOTE: This product is meant for assembly companies, general contractors and developers!

Using our machines we created a very efficient balustrades system (potential of production ranges from several hundred to several thousand meters a year). Our balustrades are visually attractive and meet building requirements. Following from that, we can complete big investments within a short period of time.

What is more, the prices of our balustrades are very attractive. Another advantage of our system is the fact that our solutions do not form a rigid system –there is the possibility of the introduction of some changes and of the adaptation of balustrades’ appearance to the customer’s project. The only restriction concerns the production technology, that is, changes considerably influencing the rise of the prices or the efficiency of production are not possible.


Balustrade made of stainless steel, glass filler, horizontal and vertical regulation.



Balustrade made of stainless steel, horizontal filling of the tube, vertical regulation.


Powder coated balustrade made of black steel, glass filler, horizontal and vertical regulation.



Powder coated balustrade pillar made of black steel, panes holders, pillar fastening, regulation.


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