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for TruLaser 3030 (or 3020) Basic Edition lasers produced by Trumpf.

If necessary, lasers can be installed in their workplace.

The machine consists of:

  • Hydraulic-pneumatic lifting construction
  • Control panel
  • Worktable
  • Base guides

Characteristics of the machine:

Power supply:

  • Power supply of the electric circuit –380V 12amps from the power grid
  • Power supply of the pneumatic circuit –from the water supply system with the minimum pressure of 0.3 MPa


  • load on the table - 720 kg
  • Single elevator –500kg
  • Microcontroller control

2 work modes:

  • Semiautomatic
  • Manual

A security system:

  • Program safeguard against human mistake
  • “Stop” safety button
  • Antielectrocution safeguard
  • Reduction of the voltages leaving the control panel to 24V in all control and measuring systems

Applied solutions:

  • Hydraulic lift (inner pump)
  • Pneumatic bolts (without the pump, powered by the plant’s power grid)
  • Electronically piloted control
  • Safety Sensors


The machine is controlled by microcontroller.

It has the manual control mode allowing the operator for the advanced control and time control of the separate movements. He can also stop in the middle of the movement and leave the workplace (within the safety zones).

In order to facilitate everyday work the machine has an automatic mode in which the operator doesn’t have to perform each separate movement –he is solely interested in the final outcome (ex. lifting of the table prepared for the interchange is accomplished by means of one button –when it is released, the machine checks the position of the table, fastens the bolts and finally lifts the table up to the appropriate height).

Safety of service:

Every machine bears CE sign what means that they fulfill European Union’s requirements concerning the safety of the production and use.

CE certificate is attached to all machines.

Office of Technical Inspection:

Due to the applied solutions the machine is not under the engineering supervision of OTI.


We provide the service of our machines during the warranty and after its expiration date.


One-year warranty.


It may be included in the service as well as it can be done by the customer himself. After the service installation of the machine operation training is carried out.

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