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New Cut company was established at the beginning of 2009 by people with a long-standing experience in metal sheets, metal tubes and profiles processing, that is, laser cutting of steel, bending on a bending brake, automatic and manual welding, putting on varnish and anticorrosive coats. Because we realize that even the greatest experience cannot replace good machines, we decided to purchase some of the best in the world metal sheet processing machines produced by Trumpf. We hope that cooperation with our company will help you increase your capital and save your precious time.

Our strategy:

We try to follow the example of the Far East countries (such as Japan) in their approach to work. It consists in continuous strive after perfection manifested in taking dozens of systematic steps. Although such work is painstaking and not spectacular, it gives surprisingly good results.

Company’s seat:

Our company has its seat in a rented hall located around 8 km from the center of Warsaw in an industrial area excellently suitable for this kind of activity. Although this industrial plant is not very impressive, it has one fundamental advantage –it is cheap. This merit directly translates into lower prices of our services. It is a well known fact that the quality of the service is guaranteed by the good machinery and workers and not by the building.



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