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Bending brake with the pressure of 120 tons allows for metal sheets bending whose thickness ranges from 0.5mm up to 8mm (or up to 12mm on shorter distances) when the length of bending measures up to 3m. The machine is equipped with adjustable compensation system that helps avoid the deformation of the table. As a consequence, there are no differences in the bend angle between the midpoint and the edges of the metal sheet.

The software package permits to design and check the bending possibilities before the production of the workpiece.




  • bending length- up to 3 m
  • pressure 120 t
  • the maximum thickness of 3 m long metal sheet– 8mm (in case of shorter length of bending –up to 12mm)
  • automatic compensation of the lower girder’s deflection
  • specialist tooling for more advanced shapes
  • numerical control
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